Why timeshare is uniquely positioned for safer holidays in COVID times

The coronavirus has been global gamechanger for the travel and hospitality industry, of which timeshare is an integral component. This pandemic has led us to search for ‘smart solutions’ for a new way to holiday that supports social distancing friendly holidays.

It seems the pendulum has swung from experimental travel and accommodations towards certainty, trust and knowledge as the need for re-assurance for safety and cleanliness becomes a priority.

Main Questions Asked

The main questions being asked now are: what types of accommodation do we feel confident in? And what types of holidays are conducive to social distancing?

Timeshare has an advantage in the wake of this pandemic with its home-away-from-home offering. Established and recognised industry brands are able to offer the peace-of-mind that comes with highly detailed standard operating procedures for exactly how each accommodation will be sanitised between and during stays.

As people look to plan safe family trips, this will no doubt be the year of the road trip, with domestic travel and closer-to-home destinations holding even more appeal than usual. Across South Africa, there are over 140 timeshare resorts in sought-after locations, which means that your holiday destination is within a drivable distance from home. And once you are there, you’ll be able to enjoy the resort’s leisure activities in wide-open spaces and accommodation with enough space for the whole family to unwind.

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