Why are timeshare owners smiling these holidays?

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ for timeshare owners, who are smiling because their holidays are packed with the best holiday benefits. Quality accommodation that offers home-like amenities to meet the individual needs of each family, spacious rooms and cost-saving options have brought on the cheer of the holiday season.

More available cash for holiday entertainment

While others may be feeling the pinch of escalating seasonal accommodation costs and a once-off hefty accommodation bill at the end of their stay, timeshare owners can smile because their accommodation is already paid for. With the expense spread over 52 weeks, the benefit of a pre-paid holiday means more available cash for fun holiday activities.

Space for family gatherings

No more eating pizza in cramped rooms and the frustration of sharing common amenities with other guests. Timeshare accommodation is designed for space and comfort, which creates a memorable holiday experience where family and friends can gather to celebrate the festive season together.

Cost-saving kitchens

Aspiring master chefs can unleash their culinary skills in a fully equipped kitchen, bringing the festive season aromas to your holiday home. For families with young children, the cook-in option offers greater flexibility and cost saving when compared to the busy atmosphere of restaurants and pricy festive season menus.

On-site entertainment
Timeshare resorts offer daily entertainment programmes for the kids and young at heart, so there’s no need to spend time in the car and money on petrol looking for activities to keep the kids smiling.

These are just a few of the essential ingredients of a timeshare holiday that keeps owners smiling – year out and year in!

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