What is a timeshare exchange?

It’s as simple as it sounds.

One of the best benefits of timeshare is the ability to use exchange networks to trade your points or weeks on popular platforms like RCI, i-Exchange or First Exchange who are all members of the industry body – VOASA. Timeshare brands are usually affiliated with one or more exchange company, and some have their own exchange programmes, so its always good to find out about this option before signing up.

How does exchange work?

Once you become a member of your timeshare exchange network, you can deposit your ownership week or points for holidays at other timeshare destinations almost anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that the “value” of your ownership doesn’t equal the same “value” as another on your timeshare exchange platform. For example, a beachfront resort in Cape Town might have a higher “cost” than a resort located in a less sought after destination. So, if you own 200 points they don’t necessarily trade for 200 points. In addition, you may also need to pay membership fees to gain exchange access.

Here’s the 4 easy steps to exchanging your timeshare for a new holiday experience:

  1. SIGN UP – Become a member of your resort’s affiliated exchange company, such as RCI or
  2. MANAGE POINTS/WEEKS – Deposit your points or week through your exchange company.
  3. RESEARCH – Browse through hundreds of resorts or destinations.
  4. POINTS EXCHANGE – Exchange your points for a vacation completely new.

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