Tsogo Sun extends timeshare contract for 10 years

One of the country’s most established timeshare players, Tsogo Sun is extending its long-term commitment to the industry for a further 10 years, with the renewal of Southern Sun Resorts’ management contracts with the six properties in its portfolio, catering for over 44 000 timeshare owners.

Adam Fuller, Director of Operations – Southern Sun Timeshare, says this 10-year management contract renewal highlights the group’s confidence in the timeshare market and its strong commitment to the timeshare owners who in turn have continued to demonstrate confidence in the group’s management of their timeshare investments.

Tsogo Sun has a long history in the timeshare industry, having been the first branded hotel company in South Africa and among the first in the world to enter the market sector 36 years ago. “In March 1982, when Tsogo Sun (then Southern Sun) entered the timeshare market, we were the first hotel operators to do so.

This was a radical departure from the traditional hotel operation and Southern Sun Timeshare offered consumers the opportunity to buy into highly sought-after real estate and purchase a lifetime of holidays on a fixed week timeshare basis. The timeshare owners had the reassurance that the scheme was backed by leading holiday hotel group Southern Sun, and that they would now own a share of this wonderful concept.”

Fuller says that sales of R4 million were achieved in the first six weeks of the campaign launch. “For a once-off purchase price plus a levy for service and upkeep, consumers eagerly bought into the principle of using a holiday unit for a specific period of the year, for years to come. Now, 36 years on timesharing is as much a part of the leisure industry in South Africa as hotels.”

He says that Tsogo Sun’s provision of exceptional holidays backed up by its strong brand has been the basis of timeshare purchases by owners over the years. Timeshare in South Africa supports about 27 000 jobs and generates billions of rands to the GDP, according to a recent Grant Thornton survey. It’s a preferred holiday option for many for the convenience, affordability, and consistently high accommodation, services, amenities and facilities standards it offers, particularly when managed and maintained by a strong and reputable brand.

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