The best way to resolve a timeshare complaint

Resolving a timeshare complaint does not have to be a lengthy and exhausting process!

The Independent Timeshare Complaint Service (ITCS) is a free-of-charge service that provides a facilitation role between consumers and VOASA members to resolve complaints within the ambit of the industry Code of Conduct. To date, 81% of all complaints received have been successfully resolved.

Before lodging a complaint with the ITCS, you must have first attempted to resolve the dispute directly with the company and the matter must not be under investigation by another dispute-resolving body or Ombud Scheme or subject to legal action.

How to lodge a complaint with the ITCS

Step 1: Submit your complaint online at

Step 2: The ITCS will acknowledge receipt of your complaint, issue you with a reference number and outline the resolution process.

Step 3: The ITCS then forwards the complaint to the respective VOASA member and continues to facilitate the process to resolving the matter.

Step 4: When a resolution is reached, the ITCS will confirm with both parties that the complaint has been resolved and if so, close the complaint file accordingly.

Step 5: If no resolution is reached, you have the right to approach the Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman.

If you are unsure that the company you are dealing with is a VOASA member, then please check our member listing at by clicking here


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