Spoiler Alert: Timeshare owners love their timeshares!

First, timeshare ownership is becoming a young person’s game.

In 2022, Gen Z and Millennials accounted for more than half of all timeshare owners and more than half of new sale purchasers. We have seen this trend over the last 16 years since the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) first began conducting owner studies.

What’s behind it, you ask?

Well, it’s because today’s timeshare product is innovative; flexible in where owners can go and for how long, with the option to take a cruise or embark on a different travel experience altogether; and immersive, with opportunities for unique experiences, like intimate concerts, culinary events with celebrity chefs, and more, available exclusively to owners. It’s also because of the professional management and security that gives families peace of mind when they are at their home away from home.

What I am about to say next should be no surprise – owners love their timeshare!

According to the AIF Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report, 2022 edition, 90% of timeshare owners reported they are happy with their overall ownership experience, and 82% said they would recommend timeshare ownership in general.

The bottom line is that the timeshare product of today is attracting younger purchasers and that they, along with millions of other timeshare owners in the United States (approximately 10 million of them), are enjoying this truly amazing product. And those statistics are the ones that matter most – the ones that are truly reflective of the industry and feelings of real timeshare owners.

Source: Jason Gamel, CEO of ARDA

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