How do timeshare holiday clubs work in comparison to traditional timeshares?

Timeshare holiday clubs provide more flexibility compared to traditional timeshares, which are sold in week increments. Timeshare owners usually need to sign up with an external exchange company to expand their resort choices. For club members, multiple resort options exist within their club’s network of resorts.

Timeshare owners typically book their holiday week at their home resort with their resort or management company. Fixed week ownership is simple, since the owner already knows the week and, in most cases, the unit they will occupy. Floating or flexi week owners choose from a selection of weeks within their season or allotted timeframe in order to book their week.

For holiday club members, they would use their club’s booking platform to look for their preferred holiday time and book accordingly. If they have a designated home resort, they are in some instances given an advance booking window. Members can also book at other resorts within the club network, subject to availability and within the designated booking time frame.

Because they are using points as a type of holiday currency, club members can also split their points into smaller increments if they decide to take multiple short stay trips during the year. Think expanded long weekend options. Depending on the season, they may also be able to upgrade into larger units during low-demand seasons.

IMPORTANT: VOASA advises dealing with its members when buying, selling or renting timeshare.

VOASA members are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour in timeshare vacation ownership. To demonstrate that commitment, all members as a condition of membership must agree to comply with the Code of Conduct.

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