Everything you didn’t know (but should) about timeshares today

It’s time to discard everything you think you know about timeshares. Hilton Grand Vacations and Travel + Leisure Co joined Skift for a webinar dispelling the industry’s biggest myths and unpacking the appeal of modern shared vacation ownership.  [ARDA]

Do you know the average age of a timeshare owner? Or that the majority seek experiences in urban areas? Maybe you think timeshare ownership still means being tied to a specific property and period of time.

The shared vacation ownership model has transformed over the past 10 years, but misconceptions about what it is, who it serves, and why it is appealing remain. Modern timeshare ownership entails a membership with exclusive perks beyond just a resort stay and is an increasingly popular option for leisure travelers seeking unique experiences.

In this webinar, we heard insights from the CEOs of Hilton Grand Vacations and Travel + Leisure Co on what is different about timeshares today, how the industry evolved, and why they are uniquely positioned to meet the changing needs of today’s leisure traveler.

What to expect:

  • Leisure travel trends: How trends in leisure travel are reshaping and bolstering the timeshare industry
  • Insights on owner demographics: Who today’s owners are, how they are actually using their timeshares, and why they are so loyal
  • The rise of timeshare flexibility: What types of experiences timeshares offer and why flexibility is core to the modern ownership model

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