Today’s Timesharing Experience – What can a new generation of holidaymakers look forward to?

Here’s a few innovations that have enhanced timeshare ownership and expanded the holiday experience:

  • Flexibility: The traditional home resort/fixed week arrangement that saw timeshare owners bound to one resort destination for the same time every year is yesterday’s news. Resort concepts now offer owners the ability to choose from an array of resort offerings, travel experiences, and length of stay that is tailored to their holiday needs, most of them based on a timeshare point system.
  • Credibility: Today the industry teems with well-established and widely recognised hospitality brands, ensuring a comforting level of trust. Holidaymakers in the market for a timeshare can pick and choose from Southern Sun Resorts, Legacy Hotels & Resorts and Sun City Vacation Club, to name a few. Global timeshare brands include Hilton, Marriott and Disney Vacation Club, amongst others.
  • Exclusive Holiday Experiences: Along with access to the resort’s must-enjoy amenities – from swimming pools to Spas and safari excursions – holidaymakers now have access to added unique benefits, special events to create even more memorable experiences.
  • Settings for Every TasteThink the seashore is the only place for a timeshare holiday? Think again. Timeshare brands cater for a range of holiday styles from chic urban resorts to outdoor oasis and family-orientated getaways. Find out more about VOASA member resorts here.

Pictured: Castleburn

First published on: Resort Trades  | ARDA

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